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About this site

The website was put online 26 October 2002 ! This is a collector’s site that contains, among others, various collections on the theme of the perfume (perfume bottles, miniature perfume bottles, old advertisements, perfume jewelry offered at promotional events for the purchase of a perfume, old perfumed cards, etc.). The site also includes wallpapers themed perfumes, flowers and travel as well as little games! You can view and download videos from advertising various perfumes...
I remember the photographs of our personal collection representative of perfume bottles, miniature perfume bottle, perfume jewelry and photographs of flowers or landscapes made by can be downloaded for personal use. These images are not free of copyright and must not, under any circumstances be used for commercial or other purposes without prior permission. We note too often, images and texts taken from are reused on blogs or websites without permission! You can contact us at this address and we will make your application, upon acceptance only can you make use of the desired content, accepting, of course, to quote the source!

Regarding the commercials advertising images of perfume and videos on this site's rights belong exclusively to their owners. All advertisements or video advertisements can be removed on request from the authors. does not sell perfume bottles or miniature perfume bottles or scented cards, jewelry or advertisements !

The photographs taken by the web site “” are not copyright free ! Read this page carefully before any use !

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This web site was brought into service on 26th October 2002. Optimized for a resolution of 1024 X 768.
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