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"The dress must follow the body of a woman and not vice versa"

                                                               Hubert de Givenchy


Christian Dior
Hubert de Givenchy
Count Hubert James Marcel Taffin de Givenchy was born 20 February 1927. After attending a school of notary, the creator joined the “Ecole des Beaux-Arts”. The age of 17, he left Beauvais, her hometown and moved to Paris. He dreams to meet the couturier Cristobal Balenciaga. Unable to get a training course at Cristobal Balenciaga, he then worked with Jacques Fath. To complete his training he joined Robert Piguet then Lucien Lelong where he met Christian Dior who became his friend. He then collaborated with Elsa Schiaparelli.

In 1952 he opened his own fashion house and two years later created his first line of luxury ready-to-wear clothes, 'Givenchy University'. Personalities such as Jacqueline Kennedy, the Duchess of Windsor and Princess Grace of Monaco are part his of customers but however, the name of Hubert de Givenchy will remain linked to the young American actress Audrey Hepburn!
In 1953 the creator meets Audrey Hepburn! Their first interview begins with a misunderstanding. He expects to see another Miss Hepburn (Katherine) when suddenly arrives Audrey oddly dressed like a gondolier! They become inseparable and she became his muse, his friend and most loyal customer. For forty years she will wear dresses in town as on the movies. Modèle "New-Look"
Audrey Hepburn

In 1957, Hubert de Givenchy decided to start in creating fragrances with the help of his brother Jean-Claude ! He designed exclusively for Audrey Hepburn, a first perfume with a name pointing to L’INTERDIT because, according to legend, on hearing that "her" perfume would be marketed, Audrey would have exclaimed: "But it is my perfume, I forbid you! ". She accepts, without consideration, to pose for the advertising poster of Richard Avedon. She has been one of the first muses of cinema in the history of perfumery.

In the same year also created LE DE in reference to the double-barrelled "de" name Givenchy.

Advertising of L'Interdit, model Audrey Hepburn

Le De Perfume

Eau de Toilette L'Interdit

In 1959, other flavors are created, MONSIEUR DE GIVENCHY fragrance is for classic and elegant men, then VETYVER WATER, it will be the perfume of the designer.

GIVENCHY III is created in 1970, a cyprus fragrance, which is addressed to women aged 30, distinguished and elegant. This fragrance, fresh initially moving to a green floral note in accordance with the rose and jasmine. GIVENCHY GENTLEMAN for its part is created in 1974.

In 1973, Hubert de Givenchy launched his menswear line called "Gentleman Givenchy", a collection in his image, synonymous with masculine elegance. Five years later in 1978, he received the Golden Thimble Award.

Monsieur de Givenchy

in his image in 1987, Givenchy becomes leader in the world of perfumes for children with PTISENBON of "Tartine et Chocolat" a fragrance for young children ! A fresh and fruity fragrance with notes of citrus tonic.

Ptisenbon of Tartine et Chocolat

In 1988, LVMH bought Givenchy. In 1995, at the age of 68, after more than forty years of presence at the head of his company, Hubert de Givenchy retired. John Galliano and Alexander McQueen succeeded him. In 2001, it is the turn of Julien MacDonald, and then in 2005 Ricardo Tisci gives new life to developing the brand in its own way the creation man and woman.

Givenchy has distinguished with its perfumes in 1980 with the output of the “EAU DE GIVENCHY” and in 1984 “YSATIS”.
In 1986, a fragrance for men was created “XERYUS”, in 1991 a women's fragrance “AMARIGE”, in 1996 “ORGANZA”.

In 1998, another men's fragrance under the symbol π (pi), it is dedicated to the inner force of man conquering his energy, his desire to excel. Serge Mansau performs a sublime geometric bottle with pure lines. The same year released “EXTRAVAGANCE d' AMARIGE”, a variation of “AMARIGE”.

π Perfume

In 1999, "ORGANZA INDECENCE" was born. A tunic draped around the bottle reveals the shapes of women. The fragrance is a more sensual than "ORGANZA". In 2002, Lou Doillon is the next model of Givenchy perfume, "EAU TORRIDE".

Échantillon Eau Sauvage
Givenchy III

Indécence d'Organza and Organza

Very Irresistible Perfume
In 2003, launch of VERY IRRESISTIBLE, a modern creation flowered around the rose with the muse Liv Tyler, while the bottle height is pink glass.

For the anecdote, a rose has been specially created for the actress. It bears her name and was used in the version of perfume VERY IRRESISTIBLE.

Rosa Liv Tyler

In 2006, Marie de Villepin is the muse of the perfume ANGE OU DEMON, whose bottle is still a creation of Serge Mansau. The fragrance is a floral oriental.

For the gentleman, in 2008, launch of the fragrance PLAY. The promotion is entrusted to Justin Timberlake, the bottle is inspired mobile multimedia devices, a concentrate of modern design by Serge Mansau ! The heart of PLAY is composed of wood of Amyris.

Ange ou Démon Perfume

In addition to fashion and fragrance, Givenchy is also renowned specialist in the world of luxury cosmetics! To name a few, mascara “PHENOMEN'EYES”, lip gloss “GELÉE D’INTERDIT” etc...

In 2009, output of ANGE OU DEMON LE SECRET, actress Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) will ambassador.

The latest fragrance from Givenchy, DAHLIA NOIR "Eau de Toilette", was released in 2012.

Parfums Givenchy now has 17 subsidiaries and a workforce of 1,600 people.

Composition of perfume "L'INTERDIT"


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